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The Company was incorporated originally as Premier Synthetics and Processors Ltd. (PSPL) in the State of Maharashtra on 9th October, 1970 by the original promoter Shri. B.K. Jhunjhunwala for setting up a cloth processing unit at Village Pawne (Maharashtra) with IFCI assistance.

The company is having complete spinning plant for manufacturing of corse count cotton yarn. The end use of such cotton yarn is in denim industries and towel industries. the main raw materials for manufacturing such yarn is cotton and cotton waste.


“” According to the SEBI Circular, any request for effecting transfer of securities shall not be processed unless the securities are held in the Dematerialized form with the depository with effect from April 1st, 2018. Therefore Registrars and Transfer Agent (M/s. Skyline Finacial Services Private Limited) and Company will not be accepting any request for transfer of shares in physical form with effect from April 1st, 2018. Further this restriction shall not be applicable to the request received for transmission or transposition of physical shares.

Shareholders are accordingly, get in touch with any Depository Participant having registration with SEBI to open a Demat account or follow the procedure of Dematerialization as provided under Investor Tab of this website. You may also visit web site of depositories viz., NSDL or CDSL for further understanding about the demat procedure.

Shareholders, holding shares in physical form are requested to arrange the dematerialization of the said shares at earliest to avoid any inconvenience in future for transferring those shares.  “”